Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Makin Waves with Asheville's Rotary Club AND a brand new website!!!

Recently, we were very pleased to take part in the Asheville Rotary Club auction!

The Making Waves 2010 auction was held to raise funds and awareness for such organizations as Manna Foodbank, local projects, scholarships, overseas medical efforts, and all kinds of helpful goodness.

It was Flora's pleasure to volunteer alongside Shay Brown Events and the kind people of Asheville. We successfully exceeded this year's expectations with everyone's generous donations! It was a complete success! Flora is SUPER proud to be a part of the wonderful, helpful, giving, and selfless community of Asheville! It was more than a pleasure to spruce up the place and donate our time to such a wonderful cause.

We are also ecstatic to present to our lovely readers our brand spankin new website design! It was time to jazz it up a little bit and Bowie did a darn good job of it. A big thanks to all of the wedding photographers out there who have so successfully captured the vibrance and life of our flowers! Go ahead and take a little gander at the new site and let us know what you think!
So much excitement for Flora!
We hope you're staying warm out there!