Friday, July 23, 2010

You bEtsy!

It's a lovely (ok, maybe a little hot) Friday, the weekend of Bele Chere, here in the mountains of Asheville!

Today team Flora added a couple of new goodies to the ol' Etsy shop and we want to share, naturally!

Sweet little chalkboard thought bubbles and equally sweet heart chains are now available to liven up and cute-ify your photos and homes!

Thanks to the boys at Blend for the photos.

First up, our little thought bubbles, available now for your personal expression needs!

Next up, a paper heart bonanza!

And don't forget about our silly little mustaches on a stick! Still available for your facial follicle needs!

I mean, Peter here sure seems to enjoy them.

Coming soon, we have more bEAUTiful wedding photos and updates.

Have fun and be safe out there in the Bele Chere wilderness!

Later taters!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birds Flyin High... You Know How I Feel

What a beautiful day for a blooooooog! Good morning and happy Wednesday! It is heavenly outside, a great compliment to the chaos that's going on indoors. Here at Flora, we are surrounded by all kinds of fun projects and can't wait to show them off!

In the meantime, we just got our green thumbs on some beautiful photographs, compliments of Blend Photography, from Greg and Laura's wedding!

This is the wedding we showed a few blogs back in the teaser video that was made by (fabulous) Two Ring Studio. Congrats, Greg and Laura!!! T'was a pleasure!

Look at all of those purdy purples!
Best wishes, Greg and Laura!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summah-summah-summah Time!

Hello, July! The sun has been no stranger to this summer season, and we have the tan lines and freckles to prove it!

Thankfully, team Flora has pulled in some extra (wo)man power to help us out in the yard and we are oh-so happy to have her around! We wish we had the time to do it alllll by ourselves but we needed an extra pair of hands and some educated eyes to help pick up the little tiny left-over bits here and there. We found a fabulous little lady from Rhode Island and we are happy to have her here in the south!

Also, we are working hard on our Little Black Book profile for Style Me Pretty! We submitted some photos today and hopefully they will soon be posted to our vender page so people can see what Flora is all about! We also added a badge to our blog! It looks like this



Speaking of weddings (haha), we've got some photos to share! Congrats, Cat!
Photos by Jill Schwarzkopf !

In other summer news, we took a little walk the other day and came upon the happiest little bunches of hydrangeas we have ever seen growing in a yard! They belong to a lovely woman named June and she is a spritely spirit indeed. She has lived in the same house in Carrier Park her entire life and her family has been there since 1925! We had the pleasure of getting a close-up look at her rows of pristine peonies, romantic roses, and beautiful blue hydrangeas (which she is graciously sharing with us) and we taaaaalked and talked. We are so happy to have met such a wonderful new friend! Flora can learn a lot from June!

So stay tuned, folks, for some more pictures of weddings weddings weddings galore taken by some of Asheville's finest photographers!

Until next time!
Later taters!