Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alright kiddos, it is the month of June and do you know what that means? It means summer is a-comin' just around the corner! Did you know that June has the longest daylight hours of any other month in our little corner of the world? Did you know that June is known as "rose month" and also as the best month for honeysuckles (yuuuuuummmmy)? These cute little tidbits are exciting because as far as Flora is concerned, summer is the time for flowers, colors, sunshine, love, and best of all weddings!  

We have a few super exciting things to tell you about today and we have decided to bust out the most exciting (for us, at least) one of all first, yes sir! 

Flora is tickled pink to announce that we have been asked to be a part of the VERY special Little Black Book for Style Me Pretty (big deal big deal big deal!). Team Flora is so honored that we can't even think of any more words to describe how honored we are! Believe us when we say it's a challenge to find any member of Flora speechless! We are just so overjoyed! This super fabulousness was just signed/sealed/delivered only a little while ago, so keep a look out for us on the website in the near future! Everybody say YAY!

Whew that was a fun one to share! Now onto the next order of business: a sweet little teaser video from the faaaaaaaantastic (fully deserving of every single one of those letter As) Two Ring Studios! This is from Laura and Greg's big day! We had a ball adorning this special day with sweet peas, white peonies, globe thistle, and dusty miller! The colors were lavender, violet, and a touch of grey (awww so sweeeet). We also used a hefty handful of recycled glass terrariums! Now sit back and get a load of this little beauty!

Laura & Greg Teaser Video - Biltmore Estate Wedding from Two Ring Studios on Vimeo.

Photographs and more details to come later! We cannot wait to share many more special days with Two Ring Studios and their loveliness! 

Last but not least, my friends, we have come to our final little bit of news! As we mentioned earlier and as most of you may have noticed, we here at Flora just love love love using terrariums to help decorate all kinds of events! We believe they are a sweet, long lasting, and environmentally friendly way to make a statement that lasts long after the big day! It seems as though the trend is showing up in other places too, as New York Times just did an article on terrariums! We suggest you take a gander and click through the slide show if you're as big a fan of these little guys as we are! We're glad that other people have taken notice of this beautiful and entertaining art form! VIVA LIVING ARRANGEMENTS! 

On that overly enthusiastic (but fully necessary) note, we are off to go make more pretty things for someone's special day! 

See you soon! 

Happy June! 

Whistle a tune!

Much love!
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