Thursday, August 1, 2013

Help Us Beautify Haywood Road!

Hello Friends of Flora!
We wanted to share a project with you all that we just began, in an effort to raise some funding to help beautify our West Asheville neighborhood.  Follow the link to donate!

Located across the street from our shop are two giant publicly-owned medians that sit at the corner of Westwood Pl. & Haywood Rd. Up until about a week ago, they were looking fairly neglected, and were overrun with weeds. Our hard-working team of gardeners has started the makeover process (as you can see in our photos below), but these medians still need lots of love to be on par with how much we love our neighborhood!

Our plan is to use the space for blooming bulbs, plants, succulents, ground covers, edible flowers, flowering bushes, etc.! 

We are happy to step up to the plate as far as the labor, and year-round maintenance go for this soon-to-be-stunning green space, but we would appreciate some help from the community in terms of initial costs. 

We've set our goal at $1,250.00 -- this money will go completely towards this project, and will help cover the cost of the plants, and will help Flora with the yearly costs of mulch, fertilizer, and maintenance. 

Thanks to your generosity and help, our neighborhood will be bursting with blooming life in no time!

Here are some photos we took after we tore all the weeds out, and gave the existing plants a good pruning:


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